Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CPAP Tales -- Day 5

I actually had to count the days to determine what day I am on.  I'm already so accustomed to my CPAP that I automatically put it on if I go to lie down for a potential nap.  Of course, I usually do that when I'm having trouble breathing because of the smokers here or because I have to expend so much energy on taking care of my grandkids. Of course I don't do it when I'm here alone with the kids and they're not asleep.  I'd be afraid of what might happen.  Anyway, I know I was already used to a CPAP but this one is totally different than the older one, and not only because they added oxygen.  I am still sleeping amazingly well. 

I know this is probably boring, but I'm trying to make myself write something on my blog every day.

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