Sunday, March 27, 2011

CPAP Tales -- Day 3

For possibly the first time in years I look forward to going to bed at night.  This new CPAP has done me a world of good.  I'm not tossing and turning, waking up feeling like I'm choking, etc....  I was fully awake by 8:30 this morning, admittedly because I'm watching my grandkids, and I'm not grumpy or headachey.  Normally I'd be dozing off or trying to find a way to go back to sleep, but that's not the case today.

Not only that, I haven't been drifting off to sleep if I'm reading a book or watching a movie.  If this keeps up, this new CPAP is the greatest thing (to me) since sliced bread. 


  1. I am so excited to be your first follower and welcome you to the world of blogging. Signing up for the A to Z Challenge is a good move to get actively posting, I wish you well and look forward to following your posts in April.


  2. Hi!! I see Karen G has already stopped by, she's amazing so you already have a good following!!!

    I'm co-host of the A-Z blogging challenge and wanted to stop in and say hello! You have a very fun blog! Should you have any questions just stop in and let us know!! I hope you stop by my blog to say hello! We are also having fun on twitter (you can find the link only blog)!

  3. Thank you Karen and Jen. I should have started blogging long ago, but it seemed too much like an ego-fest. Then again, I could use some

    I hope I'll keep up with the A-Z challenge, although sometimes its difficult because I spend most of my time chasing my preschool granddaughters, trying to keep them out of trouble while my son and his wife are at work.

    I'll be sure to check out your blogs.

  4. Where do you order your CPAP machine supplies from?