Friday, June 26, 2015

I get it! I'm FAT!

Okay.  SOME people obviously weren't  taught good manners as children.... Or they have forgotten them.

As those who know me in person are aware, I'm "fluffy" at best.  In fact, some days I feel I border on Gabriel Iglesias' definition of  "DAMN!"

I have been going to a gym to exercise in the pool for well over a year. Since I don't swim as such -- my attempts would be more aptly described as creative drowning -- I do, generally stay moving while we are there, usually an hour or so. at a time. It's not much, but at least it's something. I refuse to use the evil machines in the gym part because I've never met one that didn't cause my knee or back pain to get worse, so I don't expect to lose much, if any, weight.  I;m just trying to stay as mobile as I possibly can..I usually don't feel too bad about my weight when I'm there because many of the others who use the pool are there for the same reason.

Unfortunately there's usually one person in any group  with no tact whatsoever. I've met more than one in my visits to the pool.

First there was the man who always wanted to chat but apparently didn't like ANYONE, especially overweight women.  I called him Grumpy.

Next was a man who, decided to tell me, without me asking for his input, that, if I would just do as he said I could "lose all that weight."  No, he wasn't a trainer at the gym.  He was just some random man who thought that, as a woman, I should be happy to be offered his male guidance.

The pièce de résistance, however, is a woman whose tact switch seems to be permanently shut off -- maybe even congenitally missing.  Over the weeks she has made several comments to me that were snarky, at best. Generally she feels it necessary to point out to me that I am overweight, as if I had no idea. In the past I've tried to just laugh it off, even though I was upset.

Today, however, Madame Snarky (MS) surpassed herself.   Four of us were discussing the difficulties of finding swimsuits that fit and in which we are comfortable.  While Linda was talking to someone else, MS asked, "Why don't you just go to a fat farm?"  Because of my issues with confrontations and the sheer shock, I simply responded that I couldn't afford it. I told Linda about it and, not 5 minutes later, in front of Linda, MS  started telling me I needed to be moving faster.  Linda told her outright that she needed to stop being so rude.

Linda also reported her behavior to the front desk.