Thursday, April 5, 2012

A is for Atheist -- April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge (Unofficial)

WARNING -- BLASPHEMY ALERT!!!  If you think this might offend you, it probably will.

A is for Atheist.
That's what I am.
So please do not send me
Your religious spam.

I trust what is proven,
Things scientists show,
Not “heaven” above us
Or “hell” down below.

No book only proven
Within its own pages
No evidence needed
Just myths from past ages.

And if in the end
I am wrong, which I doubt,
You go to your heaven
And please leave me out.

For endlessly praising
Some self-centered god.
Sounds terribly boring
And quite smacks of fraud.

For why would a deity
So desperately need
Millions of people
His ego to feed?

So pray me no prayers
And leave me no tracts.
Just treat me as equal,
And show me true facts.


  1. I guess I feel somewhat sad for you if this is what you believe. I try to be open minded and try to give most things a listen as long as they are presented with respect. I think you have done that. I hope you will continue a search for a higher truth than that which your mind can currently conceive and at least thoughtfully consider some other viewpoints, not once but repeatedly. Life is a rehearsal and not just a prelude to the void.

    Religious spam? That's one I haven't run across yet. Maybe you are using a misnomer for those who are concerned for you.

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  2. Obviously, if you don't see things the way the religious do, you weren't looking hard enough. *coff-coff*

    It's not like anyone could possibly come up with a different conclusion than they did - if they've even come to a conclusion themselves - right?

    I mean - how in the world can anyone see things differently than their fears and the voices in their heads tell them to.