Thursday, April 5, 2012

April A-Z Challenge -- I missed the signup.

I guess I should have been watching things more closely.  I've decided to do the challenge even though I'm starting late and not in the "official" list.

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  1. The official list is closed but that doesn't mean you still can't participate. You can do but off the list. Actually that's not as bad as it might seem because since the list is so big I thing after a few days a lot of people stop using it.

    My advice if you want to be a part of it is to post the daily letter posts like you're supposed to. Then leave a comment at that you have posted for that day's letter and leave a link to your post.

    Then, using the list which can be found on the A to Z Blog, visit as many of the participating bloggers as you can, leaving a comment and your link so they can visit you back. Follow blogs whenever you see one you like and let them know you've followed in case they'd like to follow you back.

    Finally, announce your link on any social media sites you are involved with such as Facebook or Twitter, etc, You can also put your link up at the A to Z Facebook page.

    With enough networking not being on the list won't matter. In other words its network blogging as usual.

    Good luck and happy to have you join in. Be sure to send me your link to your blog with a request for me to add it to the Sunday Summary at the A to Z Blog. If you know other bloggers that would like to participate in this same way let them know--you can forward this same information to them--and I can likewise announce their blogs as unlisted participants. We had several last year who went on without being listed and they had a great time with it.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out