Friday, April 13, 2012

F is For FREEDOM – April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

What happened to freedom in the USA?  When did we begin to lose it again?  There are those who would go back to the days of McCarthyism, which apparently they consider “the good old days.”  Today’s scapegoats are no longer “communists”.  They are women, poor people, and gays – basically anyone who might take away money or power from the “haves.”  I’m not talking about just the financial “haves.”  I’m talking about the biased and bigoted “haves” as well.

The “haves” are the ones who would make it a potential felony to demonstrate in the presence of the Secret Service.  This country was FOUNDED on dissention and demonstrations.

The “haves” are the ones who would make it illegal the videotape the police, or audio tape a court session. 

The “haves” are the 1%.  They are the people who believe they should pay a lower tax rate than the middle class.  After all, they are worth more financially so doesn’t that make them worth more socially?  They are the ones who expect extra tax breaks on the premise that they will “create jobs” then they outsource to other countries and put hundreds of people out of work.

The “haves” are the hyper-religious, and even sometimes the moderately religious.  They feel threatened by anyone and everyone who doesn’t believe in their version of god.  More than that, they fear and hate anyone who doesn’t believe in God.  Basically they fear that which is different.

The “haves” are the people (mostly conservative men) who want to control women by limiting their access to health care, contraception and, yes, abortion. 

The “haves” are the people who believe they can, and have the right to, “close down” Planned Parenthood.  NEWS FLASH!  Planned Parenthood is not a public agency and you don’t have the authority to close them down.

The “haves” are the people who can afford their medical insurance or to pay out of pocket, so they don’t see why anyone should need a safety net. And no, there really is no medical safety net unless you are in abject poverty with children to raise, are disabled, or are over 65 – or you’ve been elected to the US Congress or other high office.  (I’ve actually heard someone say, “If they can’t afford medicine, they shouldn’t get sick.”)

The “haves” are the people who don’t have to worry about their Pell grant being cut off mid-semester, not because they aren’t doing well enough in classes, but because they are progressing too quickly, or who are told they have already “received their limit” when they were counting on the money they were promised to pay their rent and buy food.

Mostly, though, the “haves” are the people who fear that someone will learn that they aren’t perfect. 

I have news for you “haves.” There are more of us than there are of you, and we already know you’re not perfect.

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