Saturday, July 4, 2015

That Coke Has TWENTY Triglycerides

Okay, again on the topic of weight.  A friend of mine (not skinny, but definitely not fat) who lives in a small "city" nearby was at breakfast with her hubby in a local diner when she overheard a couple of yokels, who were none too skinny themselves, loudly ranting between themselves about how horrible fat people are. Apparently they combined their single-digit IQ's and determined that all overweight people are fat because they WANT to be fat.

These geniuses supported their case by discussing a neighbor who was "so fat she had to use a wheelchair." They then went on to talk about how her garbage contained many Coke bottles.What scintillating lives these two must have that they feel the need to critique the contents of their neighbors' garbage.

The culmination of their dual diatribe came when one of the geniuses commented that he knew that "Every one of those bottles of coke has 20 triglycerides!"   My friend was so stunned by this "revelation" that she didn't laugh out loud, slap them, or tell them off.

I guess we know which end of the gene pool they come from, don't we?

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