Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ya Gotta Love a Two Year Old

I'd never met a two year old with impeccable manners before until my youngest son's youngest son hit two. When I show up at his house he guides me to "my" place, urges me to sit down, and makes sure the footrest of the recliner is up and I am resting comfortably. Also, when he gets a snack such as crackers he insists on sharing them with the other children in the house and, often, the adults as well.

The rest of the time, however, I wonder when this little pistol of a two year old replaced my angelic little darling. He expects to get his way in all things, especially when it comes to food  when he has it, which is anytime he is awake. ,xxxx, zzzzz,, xxszxx, z,\*"*¾s. (That was a message from the young man himself. He got to my tablet while I was away from it for a few seconds.) He's the only child I've ever met who wake up thin and is chunky when he goes to bed.

He's also a master builder and climber. If something he wants is out of reach, he will devise a way to get to it.  I've seen him climb the refrigerator shelves and use chairs of different heights, rambling from a child's chair to a barstool to build stairs so he could reach the cabinet where the snacks are kept.

I figure by the time he's fine he'll be rebuilding computers and retiring the house.

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